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Cyber Security Essentials - How to Protect Yourself and Your Business
Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 12:00pm - 01:30pm
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It seems daily we hear about another cyber breach of not only the Fortune 500, but smaller businesses as well. Inevitably, most breaches could have been prevented by employing basic cybersecurity controls, e.g., not protecting an Internet-facing database with the password ‘password’. While the skilled bad actor communities (think State-sponsored) do attack organizations using cutting edge techniques that are extremely difficult to detect and prevent, the majority of individuals and businesses can significantly reduce their risk exposure by implementing simple and cost effective cybersecurity controls.

In this Discovery Workshop, Josh Landers of L3 Solutions, will provide a set of cybersecurity controls that any individual or business can implement to lessen both the probability and impact of an attack. Josh works with banks, credit unions, energy companies, hospitals, and any individual or business seeking to identify and reduce their cybersecurity risk.

Topics Include: • Top 5 Cybersecurity Controls for Businesses and Individuals (Authentication Security, Configuration Security, Endpoint Security, Security Patching & Security Awareness) • Detection, Response, Recovery • Outsourced IT/Managed Services • What to do Next? • Questions & Answers

About the Speaker Josh Landers founded L3 Solutions, LLC in 2010 to focus his efforts not only on control evaluations but on client relationships, the most important aspect of consulting. Josh has over 10 years of experience evaluating and managing computer systems and auditing small, midsize, and large operational and technology environments.

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